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Preferred Family Clinic has licensed professionals who have specific expertise working with many different populations to best meet most individual and family needs. Please feel free to browse our list of professionals below to determine if there is one that would work best to meet your needs.

Randy F. Hyde, Ph.D.

As a licensed psychologist, Randy Hyde has 30-years of experience. Randy is highly sought-after in the field of clinical child and family counseling. In 1989, he founded what eventually became known as Preferred Family Clinic.

With double undergraduate degrees from Brigham Young University in 1979, in Psychology and Interpersonal Communications, Randy went on to receive his Ph.D. from BYU in 1983.
He spent five years as clinical director of Charter Canyon Hospital, an inpatient treatment facility. He was also the director of the children’s unit where he gained great insight into the techniques which change negative behaviors - even those hard-core problems found in a lock-down facility.

In 1994, Randy Hyde established the private Youth Reclamation Corporation, which helped adjudicated delinquent and ungovernable youth on house arrest. This program realized an impressive 85% change rate in its participants, as demonstrated in a powerful outcome study conducted by Michael Lambert at BYU.

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Crystal Heer, CMHC

Crystal holds degrees in mental health counseling and music performance and pedagogy.

You have most likely heard her on the radio sometime during the last 20 years, but now she dedicates her time to helping individuals and families at Preferred Family Clinic.

Crystal will quickly share, "Helping a person make the changes which bring a happier and fuller life is what the therapeutic process is all about. And it is amazing to behold." Crystal enjoys helping both children and adults, with anxiety, phobias, couples/marital, ADHD, parenting, abuse victims, grieving, pet grieving, depression, social skills, kids, behavior problems, OCD, pretty much everything.

Rich Tripp, CMHC, CST

Rich is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked at Preferred Family Clinic for 3 years. Rich received his Bachelor of Science in Marriage Family & Human Development from Brigham Young University and a Master of Education in Professional Counseling from University of Utah.

Rich’s specialties include working with Sexual Addictions, Sex Dysfunctions, and Marital Counseling. He also works individually with children, adolescents, and adults with depression and anxiety.

Rich is married with three children and currently lives in Cedar Hills with his family.

Sue Middleton, Ph.D, LCSW, NOJOS Certified

From Los Angeles, California.  She has been a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1993 and has worked with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide variety of problems including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, sexual/pornography addictions, childhood disorders, spiritual crises, and chronic health problems in individual and group therapy.  Sue has served as the supervisor over a program for victims of child sex abuse, the clinical director of a large behavioral science department of a university, has taught numerous university-level, clinically-oriented psychology and social work classes, and has provided supervision to individuals working toward clinical licensure.  In addition, Sue has served in a number of leadership capacities - including President -of the Utah Chapter of her professional organization - the National Association of Social Workers.  In 2005, Sue was named Social Worker of the Year by the Chapter.  In addition to working with individuals and groups, Sue conducts couples and family counseling, presents on mental health-related issues to community groups, and teaches professional workshops for mental health practitioners in local and national venues. She has also authored or co-authored a number of  manuals used to prepare social workers to take the national examination for clinical licensure.

Sue has three children and six grandchildren.  When she isn't working, she is spending time with family, friends, or pets; gardening; reading, particularly nonfiction books, or writing.  

Pam Smith, ACMHC

Pam is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has just begun work at Preferred Family Clinic, with a background of counseling at public schools, advisement centers, and at a behavioral hospital.  She received her undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, her Master’s degree in Counseling Education from Southeastern Louisiana University, and further Master’s-level work completed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Utah.

With a wide range of experience, Pam has worked with children, adolescents, adults, groups, and couples and families concerning mental health needs, including depression, anxiety, abuse, marital and family counseling, ADHD, parenting skills, and is currently training to provide EMDR counseling services (Eye Movement Desensitization, Reprocessing) for PTSD clients.

Pam is married to Chris, an exceptional person and best friend.  They have 4 children, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren, each of whom she adores and gives her very best.

Alan Jacob, CMHC
Alan is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. He has been with PFC since Oct.2008. He has worked extensively with adjudicated youth in residential treatment centers and wilderness programming for over 28 years. During this time he has dealt extensively with Oppositional/ Defiance, Conduct Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Sex Abuse victims, Sex Offenders and Addiction. He then began working for Nebo School District as a teacher for at-risk students in 2002. For the past 12 years he has worked as a District Psychologist dealing with all at-risk/adjudicated youth in the district. Alan is also a provider for EMDR, recognized by the EMDR Institute. He has effectively used EMDR to provide relief for those struggling with complex PTSD/Trauma, Anxiety/Depression, Addiction, LGBTQ issues, weight-loss issues, sports performance enhancement, phobias, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders.  Alan's calm and straightforward approach has allowed him to work with some of the most difficult of clients and issues, adult and youth.

Laura Morris, CMHC

Laura Morris is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  She graduated with her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from University of Phoenix in 2009. She has been practicing as a therapist for six years at Preferred Family Clinic.

Before entering graduate school, she attended the University of Utah, earning her bachelor degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She was also educated at Dixie State College earning her associate degree in a single year in the middle of Red Rock Country.

Professionally, Laura worked for two years in the public academic setting as a Prevention Specialist in Granite School District (SLC, UT). There, she met with individual students, ran resiliency groups, and launched school-wide programs focusing on the prevention of psychologically, socially, and physically unhealthy behaviors. She also has experience in the residential treatment setting, working as a Team Leader at La Europa RTC (Murray, UT), a treatment center which focuses on helping adolescent girls. Laura enjoyed her time as a Research Assistant through the University of Utah working on Paul Florsheim’s Young Parenthood Study – assessing and counseling unmarried teen parents on how to successfully co-parent.  She also currently teaches courses through the Care About Childcare program which aim to educate childcare professionals in promoting healthy social and emotional development in young children.

Laura’s areas of specialization include working with women and adolescent girls with a variety of issues. Her passion is to help others be resilient through their problems and live more fulfilling, happy lives. The focuses in which she has particular interest are life-enhancement work, body-image and self-esteem issues, perfectionism, physical weight issues, anxiety, and depression. The main theoretical frameworks from which Laura draws are cognitive-behavioral therapy, existential theory, and specific skills-building approaches. Overall, she is eclectic, utilizing ideas and techniques from a variety of theories depending on the client’s personality and situation.

Outside of professional capacities, Laura feels blessed by the delightful company of her husband, three kids, extended family, and friends. She loves to spend time camping and hiking, reading, playing sports, doing photography, and playing games. Laura also currently serves in a teaching position for the women in her church.

Alicia Henderson, Ph.D. 

Alicia Henderson received a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. She also completed the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Brigham Young University.

Alicia specializes in working with children, adolescents and families. She completed a capstone internship through Primary Children’s Medical Center. During her work there she completed a rotation on the residential and day treatment behavioral health unit, where she engaged in individual, group and family therapy and completed psychological evaluations. She also completed a rotation in an outpatient clinic doing psychotherapy with children and adolescents and completing psychoeducational assessments. She also completed a mini-rotation in the oncology/hematology and bone marrow transplant (BMT) unit where she completed developmental and psychological assessments for infants and children undergoing bone marrow transplants and cancer treatments. Throughout the internship she engaged in extensive training in family therapy and participated in many multidisciplinary case consultations.
Additionally, Alicia has worked with families of high conflict divorce for several years, including supervision, facilitating exchanges, divorce education, intake interviews, and providing other therapeutic services. She has also conducted assessments for youth and adults, in elementary school, university and clinical settings for autism, learning disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD), behavioral disorders, and other mental health disorders.

She has also been involved in extensive research on variables that effect children’s and adolescent’s outcomes in treatment, including parenting skills and parental social support. She has also assisted with research on autism.

Lastly, she has taught and assisted in teaching several undergraduate psychology courses at Brigham Young University, including abnormal psychology, test measurement and introduction to psychology.

Rodrigo A. Veas-Wall, Ph.D 

Rod has extensive experience in working with adults, teenagers, and children.  He has a particular interest in assisting in recovery from depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD, religious or spiritual value conflicts, sexual concerns (particularly LGBT issues and compulsive sexual behaviors), and gender issues. Rod is also specialized in diagnostic and learning disability testing. 
Rod holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology.  He completed his internship with rotations in children’s inpatient treatment, psychological diagnosis and testing, and forensic psychology.  At his internship he worked primarily with children’s behavioral issues, autism, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol addiction, spousal abuse treatment and recovery, and community mental health.  Additionally, as part of his internship, Rod focused in diagnostic clarification, assisting other psychologists in determining an exact diagnosis and recommending appropriate treatment plans.  Before his internship Rod worked for two years in a college counseling center and, along with seeing individual clients for various issues, he ran various groups on sexual concerns and anxiety.
His treatment modalities include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is a qualitative approach to dealing with uncomfortable emotions, and Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Thinking (CBT), which focuses on correcting problematic thinking and behavior.
Rod is a native of Santiago Chile but has lived in Utah for twelve years.  As a native Spanish-speaker, Rod brings a unique perspective to multicultural therapy.  Rod completed his undergraduate and graduate work at programs in the United States.  He is equally comfortable with different therapeutic modalities in English and Spanish.

Ofa Hafoka, Ph.D. Intern

Ofa is a Ph.D. candidate in Counseling Psychology at Brigham Young University. She received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University-Hawaii. During her Ph.D. training, her work has primarily focused on the treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and pornography. She also has experience in diagnostic and learning disability assessments. Her training has allowed her opportunities to work in private practice, community health center, and university counseling settings. 

Ofa's treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, focusing on cognitive distortions and negative thought processes and Person Centered Therapy, where the client's active participation is essential for necessary growth and change. 

Ofa is originally from the North Shore of 'Oahu, Hawaii and has lived in Utah for five years. When she isn't working or studying, she loves spending time with her husband.   

Andy H. Skelton, ACMHC

Andy earned his bachelor’s degree in modern and biblical Hebrew from the University of Utah. He has his Associate Professional Counselor (APC) license and continued his education and received his master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Phoenix. Andy has been a fulltime teacher for 11 years, in seminary, for the LDS church and works as a therapist part-time.
During his internship with Preferred Family Clinic, Andy has developed specialties working with children and adults dealing with anxiety, depression, addictions, pornography, ADHD, marital problems, and OCD. He also works with parents to help develop parenting skills.
The center of Andy’s life is his wife Laura, who he has been happily married to for 16 years, and his family.  They have 4 beautiful boys, Hyrum, Adam, David and Daniel.

Jeffrey Jensen, ACMHC

Jeff received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) in 2012. While completing his Bachelor’s degree Jeff had the opportunity to work with children ages 6 to 12, while volunteering at the YMCA. Shortly after graduation, Jeff and his wife Sarah moved to Provo, Utah and he began assisting with research at Brigham Young University’s McKay School of Education. Specifically, Jeff was a part of the Classroom Wide Function-Based Intervention Team (CW-FIT). With this team he participated in the Positive Behavior Support Initiative (PBSI), a classroom based intervention working to promote positive behavior in at-risk Elementary school students. During the study, Jeff worked to collect observational data, instruct teachers, and assist students in the classroom.
In August 2013, Jeff began working on his degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, at University of Phoenix. He is currently a Master’s Candidate Clinical Intern. For the past three years Jeff has worked in Residential Treatment at a Private Treatment Center in Spanish Fork, working with adolescent boys with Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders. The majority the boys at the treatment center are diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, and Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD). Jeff’s role is to teach social skills and management of anxiety, stress, and time. While working with the boys, Jeff focuses on connecting behaviors with thought processes using Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques.
Jeff’s wife Sarah is an Elementary School Teacher. She is currently working as an Educational Specialist for a Distance Education Program with a local charter school. Jeff and Sarah like to spend their summers camping and being outdoors, enjoying nature. Jeff has a love for comic books, anime, music, mountain biking, snowboarding, volleyball and has used each therapeutically while working with youth in residential treatment.

Elyssa Zimmerman, Ph.D Intern

Elyssa L. Zimmerman is a Ph.D. candidate at Brigham Young University.  She received her Master’s degree in Community Counseling at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.  There, the focus of her clinical work was at risk teens and juvenile delinquents.  Since beginning her Ph.D. program, Elyssa has focused mostly on adult depression and anxiety. She also has experience working with couples and families.

Elyssa approaches therapy largely from an active person-centered theory.  She believes that the client must be actively engaged in the therapy process to see the kind of improvement and results that will make their lives better. Her studies have allowed her to work in private practice, college counseling, and residential treatment settings.  And she is very much looking forward to being part of the PFC team.

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