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The One Week Parenting Miracle


“This program really is a miracle!” I have literally heard that thousands upon thousands of times. It helps parents consistently turn a pre-adolescent child’s negative behavior around in as little as one week. As one of my patients said, “It can bring love, respect, cooperation, happiness and peace into your home.” The One Week Parenting Miracle is a simple and fun, yet powerful and easy to implement program. As one of my doctoral students said, “A single session will cost you $100.00 to $200.00 dollars an hour. This program is worth many sessions!” “This training is fun, entertaining and oh so helpful!” What increased good behavior. What decreases negative behavior. How material, social and activity reinforcers work and in what situations. The rules parents need to follow to make Time Out work. What to do if a child refuses to comply. Understand the parent trap and how this sinks your best intentions. Utilize Dr. Hyde's 3 Basic Family Rules that helps your child mature. How to effectively cope with power struggles. How the analogy of Cows in a field and the Wild Horse can make so much sense in understanding a defiant child. How and when to talk through situations if your child is able and willing. Understand how to apply and the importance of Choice, Accountability, Responsibility and Consequences. How to effectively build bonds and relationship through Affection and Play.



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