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Clinical Social Worker, INTERN

I was born and raised in Southern California. Don’t use that against me. Lived in Arizona through my high school years then moved to Utah in the early 90s to work for a software company. Went to school at UVU for my undergraduate, received my masters in social work. I’m now completing my LCSW licensure. Got married in 1989, divorced 16 years later. Went through a horrific marriage that taught me patience, self-love and understanding. Have eight loving kids who taught me how to be a supportive, encouraging parent. The divorce brought me down into a deep depression where I experienced a journey that many people have taken. Because of my own experiences, I am insightful, and can be very empathetic to those dealing with life‘s traumas. I love the outdoors, camping and hiking, being with my children and being with good friends.

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