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Meet with an ADHD Specialist today about ADHD assessment and treatment

Here is what you can expect from getting professional treatment for ADHD for you or your child

  • Academic Success

  • Improve Friendships And Social Relationships

  • Improve Family Life 

  • Develop And Protect a Healthy Self-image 

  • Build Strong Self Confidence

  • Increased Focus and Mental Clarity

Why Preferred Family Clinic?


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Virtual Reality ADHD Assessment

Preferred Family Clinic is the largest counseling and therapy practice in Utah County and countless patients who have experience life changing results. We are highly skilled in many areas but our primary specialization is ADHD and executive functioning disorders. 

At Preferred Family Clinic, we subscribe to a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach. Briefly, this suggests that changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will effect changes in other areas of our lives. Further, we recognize the importance of a strong relationship between therapist and patient; therefore, we work in collaboration with patients, their families and other professionals to provide the best outcomes for each individual.


We work closely with patients medical doctors and other specialists to ensure a holistic and collaborative effort is taken to ensure patients get timely and impactful care that gets to the root of the issues in their lives.

Preferred Family Clinic is one of the facilities that utilizes state of the art virtual reality technology to definitively assess ADHD related symptoms. Most ADHD assessments are done from a generic questionnaire which only provides limited insights and mostly opinion based assumptions. 

"The ADHD Clinic" by Preferred Family Clinic is our ADHD specialized one-stop-shop for assessment, treatment and ongoing support for adults, children, teenagers and parents suffering either directly or indirectly with ADHD & Executive functioning related issues. We have seen and helped countless individuals at all level of need and in all different circumstances. Schedule an appointment today to begin an assessment or get treatment and improve your life.


ADHD & Executive Functioning Disorders

ADHD, or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurobiological disorder that is inherited. Our bodies are not perfect; sometimes we need glasses, insulin, or other things to compensate for a weakness that our body has. Fortunately, we live in an age where there are medications that can help us live longer, better lives and help us to achieve our potentials.
ADHD usually affects a person in most areas of their lives: emotionally, mentally, psychologically, socially, self-esteem and behaviorally. ADHD is characterized by difficulty focusing, paying attention, concentrating, and maintaining interest on everyday routines and tasks. People with ADHD often have difficulty being organized, thinking before acting, making realistic plans, achieving goals, making moral decisions, and meeting their potential. Some with ADHD are hyperactive, while others simply struggle with lack of attention and focus. School can be difficult for someone that is untreated. Many kids struggle academically when they have ADHD.
Are people misdiagnosed with ADHD? Yes, but more are under-diagnosed and struggle through life with an unnecessary burden. Boys and men tend to be more hyperactive, while girls do not appear as hyperactive as boys. Because of this, girls and women are often not diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD can often be mistaken as a person being lazy, unintelligent, or delinquent. Children with ADHD can often be defiant, aggressive and struggle socially. Is having ADHD all bad? No, it is not. Many of our greatest individuals in history have had ADHD. One of the great advantages of having ADHD is having a remarkable creativity, imagination, and global thinking.
At Preferred Family Clinic (PFC) we are trained and skilled at diagnosing ADHD and helping a person reach new levels of achievement, satisfaction, and happiness. Having ADHD is difficult for a person to cope with. Research shows that the best treatment for ADHD is medication. It also shows that 80% of people with ADHD also have a comorbidity, or other problem along with ADHD such as depression, anxiety, oppositional or defiant behavior, learning disability, or substance abuse problem. We cannot prescribe medications, that is left to your medical doctor; we do work together with your physician to help with medication management to get the dosage at the optimal level. Although some worry that children are being overmedicated, research shows it’s effective, especially when combined with counseling.

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