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Clinical Social Worker, Intern

Life happens to all of us and sometimes we need additional support. I want to be that support! I can't heal you, but I can help provide you with the tools you need to start healing. Trauma, depression, anxiety, postpartum and other mental health concerns are very common. Whether it is life skills you need to learn, relationship issues you are experiencing, struggles with gender identity, or anything in between I want to support you on your journey. Struggle is part of life and sometimes you just need help, someone who can listen, help you reflect so you can move forward.

"I don't want to fix you, and I can't heal you, but maybe I can help you see just how beautiful your broken is. Each cracked piece fits into the masterpiece of who you are right now. And, right now, I see a beautiful soul." LK Pilgrim.

Trauma isn't always from a big event, it can be a car accident, an incident at work, an unexpected loss or change. What is seen as trauma for one person might not be traumatic for another. Most of us have experienced trauma and since it isn't the same for everyone, I like to take a personalized approach. You are the expert in your life, so I want to work with you to create the best treatment plan for you to heal and move forward. There is strength in healing, but even more when you are not alone. It can be life changing and so worth it! I use multiple approaches for treatment because one treatment doesn't fit for every person's issue. In your first session we'll explore what brought you to therapy and then decide the best way to move forward in the most effective way.


My services are billable to the insurance companies listed below. Please call them to verify coverage as your plan may have restrictions. Contact our office for other payment options.

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Deseret Mutual (DMBA), Educators Mutual (EMI), First Health,

Select Health *NOT ALL NETOWRKS, Public Employee Health Plan (PEHP), Wise

In office & Virtual

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

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