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ADHD in Depth: Research and Solutions

Welcome to "ADHD in Depth: Research and Solutions" online course, designed for both adults who have ADHD and parents who have a child struggling with ADHD or alike symptoms.

What Problems Does this Course Solve

How Can This Course Help Me

How Might Things Change Because of this Course

Tuesdays at 5:30 PM
Begins May 2nd

SIMPLE and EASY registration:
Call or Text (801) 221-0223 or

$40.00 per class or $300.00 for full 10 class program

Partners attend free

Struggles of ADHD

Parents of children with ADHD often face challenges in managing their child's behavior, helping them stay on task, and navigating their child's emotional ups and downs. These problems can lead to low self-esteem, poor social and emotional skills, frustration, anxiety, and a feeling of helplessness for both adults and parents.

Adults with ADHD often struggle with time management, organization, prioritization, employment and relationships. They may also experience difficulty with sustaining attention and completing tasks.

How Can This Course Help

The "ADHD in Depth: Research and Solutions" online course provides a comprehensive understanding of ADHD, its symptoms, and its impact on daily life. It offers evidence-based solutions that can help individuals with ADHD and their loved ones better cope with the challenges they face. The course covers a range of topics, including medication management, behavioral interventions, and lifestyle modifications. It provides practical tools and strategies to help adults and parents overcome common obstacles and improve their quality of life. Dr. Hyde refers to ADHD as being "a gift" because of the many positive aspects; however, the weaknesses need to be mitigated and addressed. ADHD is highly genetic - if you have one in your family you probably have more.

How Might Things Change Because of this Course

By taking this course, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and how it affects your life and / or your child's life. You will learn effective strategies for managing symptoms and improving daily functioning. The course provides a supportive and non-judgmental learning environment that fosters growth and development. You will feel more confident in your ability to manage ADHD and experience a greater sense of control over your life. This course will ultimately help you to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

What To Expect From This Course

You will understand how to most correctly diagnose ADHD.

  • You will learn a deeper and more full understanding of ADHD.

  • We will explore the different Types of ADHD.

  • We will look at the Effects of ADHD.

  • We will look at the most effective Coping Strategies.

  • We will explore how ADHD looks different between children and adults, female vs male.

  • We will do a deep dive into the Symptoms of ADHD.

  • We will look at Executive Dysfunction, what it is and how to most effectively cope.

  • You will learn what causes ADHD.

  • We will explore the latest Research and Thinking about ADHD.

  • We will explore the Advantages of ADHD and How It Can Become A Gift.

  • Why ADHD kids and adults are more likely to develop addictions.

  • We will look at famous people who have had ADHD.

  • Why do 80% of kids who have ADHD suffer from another difficulty? We will explore why.

  • What are the most common difficulties that often accompany ADHD? You will learn what and why.

  • If it is not ADHD what could it be?

  • We will explore Learning Disorders that often accompany ADHD.

  • We will look at the impact of untreated and under-treated ADHD.

  • How impairment in childhood can follow that child into adulthood.

  • How to best help an ADHD child, adolescent or adult academically.

  • Emotional Stress with ADHD.

  • Bullying and Peer Abuse - how to handle and resolve.

  • We will examine Behavioral Stress and Difficulties.

  • How ADHD impacts Automobile Driving.

  • How ADHD impacts Parenting and how to most effectively cope.

  • How ADHD impacts the Family and how to effectively cope.

  • What ADHD in adults looks like and how to effectively cope.

  • How ADHD effects a marriage and how to effectively cope.

  • What tests are available and how to most effectively diagnose.

  • Why mothers are the best at titrating dosages of medication and recognizing the effects of the medication.

  • How to best cope if you or parents disagree with their medical doctor.

  • We will do a deep dive into Stimulant Medications.

  • Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Interventions - when needed and what to expect.

  • We will explore Organizational Tips and Tricks.

  • How to help students in school cope most effectively.

  • Possible Accommodations. 504 and IEP’s.

  • How to be an Effective Parent.

  • How and Why a Healthy Lifestyle helps. What constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

  • CDC recommendations for ADHD.

  • We will explore the most recent research and how you can find it.

  • We will examine medication myths.

  • We will explore possible side effects of medication and how to best cope if they do occur.

  • We will examine alternatives to medication for ADHD.

  • What supplements help with ADHD.

  • How to best parent an ADHD child or adolescent. – Principles and Skills.

  • What the best research shows on how a parent can raise a Happy, Healthy, Successful child.

  • How to increase Bonding and Affection within your family.

  • How to build Self-Esteem and Confidence.

  • How to best Discipline your child or adolescent.

  • How to succeed socially.

  • How to effectively Problem Solve and Resolve Conflicts.

  • How to effectively Communicate.

  • How to Take Care of Yourself if you are a Parent, Spouse or an Adult.

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